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Anne de Xainctonge desired to make God known and loved. Anne did this in 1606, by founding a community of women whose mission is the Christian education of girls and women, the absence of cloister, and Ignatian spirituality. Over 400 years later, we continue to invite women to make God known and loved. If a woman believes that God may be asking her to do this by living a religious vocation, she is invited to email Barbara Marie Cady, SU, our vocation director, or complete the Information Request form on our Information page.
Becoming a Sister of St. Ursula

Religious formation is a life long process. During it we are called to put on the mind and heart of Jesus. What follows is a brief outline of our formation process, which is always adapted to meet the needs of the individual as well as the Society of St. Ursula.

The first step is simply to make contact with a sister. This can be done in a variety of ways including meeting a sister personally, or asking for more information on this web site. After initially getting to know the Sisters of St. Ursula, a woman who wishes to become a Sister of St. Ursula contacts our vocation director for help in discerning whether or not this is her vocation.
If the initial discernment indicates to the woman and to the community, that she is being called to enter the Society of Saint Ursula, the woman asks to be admitted as a candidate. The time of candidacy allows one to familiarize herself with apostolic religious life, deepen her life of personal prayer and live experiences of life in community. An assessment of the candidate's human and spiritual maturity, determines whether or not one begins the novitiate.


The novitiate is a time of intense spiritual formation. The novice comes to an understanding of the vows, the charism, the history and constitutions of the Society of Saint Ursula. Personal and community prayer, spiritual conversation, the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and other formative experiences, allow the novice to deepen her experience of God's call in her life. At the end of the novitiate, aware of God's grace, she asks to make temporary vows. 

The sister pronounces her vows of chastity, poverty and obedience and receives the cross of the Society of Saint Ursula. She lives these vows for several years, to give her an opportunity to deepen her spiritual life and her knowledge of the mission of the community before she makes final vows. 
Final vows commit the sister, publicly and definitively, to live out her life according to the charism of Anne de Xainctonge, in the Society of St. Ursula.