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Ignatius Loyola and Anne de Xainctonge found God in all things. We encounter God and recognize God's presence as we open our minds and hearts to God.The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, which are the heart of the spirituality for the Jesuits and the Sisters of St. Ursula, are a means of spiritual formation and a way of discernment. They are an invitation to listen to the Holy Spirit so as to discover God's will and all that contributes to the greater glory of God. Daily prayer, integrated with active service that gradually allows one to become a woman for others, develops our Ursule commitment.

The spirituality of Ignatius and Anne is rooted in the Gospel conviction that the Kingdom of God is coming to realization in the world. Following their spirituality, we believe that "there can be no authentic seeking for God that doesn't involve an insertion in the created world, and there is no real commitment in the created world that is not the fruit of a discovery of God." (Jean-Claude Guy, SJ)

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Angers, Summer 2004

During July 2004 sisters from each of the three regions of the Tours branch of the Society of St. Ursula met in Angers, France. The sisters met in order to get to know each other personally and to come to know each others' ministries. While the sisters represented three different cultures (Democratic Republic of the Congo, the European branch and the United States) the charism of Anne de Xainctonge, her spirituality, and her education mission was alive and evident in each person.

The process of coming to know each other was the central focus of the days spent together. The pace of the meetings invited time for both formal and informal sharing, as well as for time to visit the city of Angers.

Sisters gather from the three regions: the European branch; the Democratice Republic of the Congo; and the United States

The sisters enjoy a break from their meeting and time to get together. (L-R) Marie Bernard, SU; Mary Dolan, SU; Virginia O'Brien, SU; Barbara Marie Cady, SU; and Kathleen Donnelly, SU The "little lamp" of Anne de Xainctonge continues to burn. (L-R) Catherine Gormley, SU; Mary Carol Yuengling, SU; and Ellen Marie Donnelly, SU
Snapshots of a working session in Angers, France
A welcome break while touring Angers, France. (L-R) Anne Bayart, SU; Rose McNamara, SU; Mary Isaac, SU; and Mary Dolan, SU Each of the three regions were represented at the summer 2004 meeting of the Tours branch of the Sisters of St. Ursula in Angers, France