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Constitutions of the Society of St. Ursula 

Since Anne de Xainctonge was attentive to the girls and women of her time, and especially aware of their need for education, she determined to provide them with a Christian formation. 

Today, we too are attentive to the young people and adults of our own time, and especially the most needy; we want to help them develop humanly and spiritually.

We are called in a special way to serve women, to help them become aware of their role in the world, and to live in the spirit of the gospel.

And so, faithful to the charism of the Society of St. Ursula, with the grace we have received and the means we have, we share in the Church's education mission.

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Barbara Blackman, SU

Patricia Bruck, SU

Barbara Marie Cady, SU

Maureen Davey, SU

Elizabeth Anne DiPippo, SU

Elizabeth Anne DiTolla, SU 

Mary Dolan, SU

Ellen Marie Donnelly, SU

Kathleen Donnelly, SU

Catherine Gormley, SU

Marylin Gramas, SU

M. Isaac Jogues Koenig, SU

Maryjohn Lamb, SU

Rosemary McNamara, SU

Mary Alice Mooney, SU

Virginia O'Brien, SU

Carol Perry, SU

Maureen Steeley, SU

Mary Carol Yuengling, SU

Lois Zingaro, SU